Alexander Edmondson Season 2017 

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Alexander Edmondson (Edmo) is an elite athlete.  The fact that he was still moving in Sunday night's Team Time Trial (TTT) is remarkable in itself.  Edmo's road season has come off the back of two Olympic campaigns, where he continually balanced national track commitments with his road trade teams.  This is a professional athlete that has never completed a full road season. 

As an under 23, the majority of the national road team was coming off a strenuous road season and headed back to Australia for a well-earned break over summer.  Edmo on the other hand, managed to squeeze in a few extra track commitments throughout the year before returning to Australia to race on the track.  Throughout this time he still managed to scoop up some impressive road results, complete in two Olympics and Commonwealth Games campaigns and numerous track World Cups.  To maintain his bubbly personality throughout all this is a skill!


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Edmo's 2017 started in January and it was an action-packed year filled with many monster races before concluding with TTT World's on Sunday night.  The second year professional played a significant role TTT and packed a fair punch in his effort to assist the Orica-Scott outfit to fifth position.  "I was hitting some pretty good numbers and I felt good which was a little surprising to be honest.  The course was relentless, there was just nowhere to recover! The climbs really drew into your energy stocks and the technical and lumpy course really took its toll heading into the last sector.  The team still ran fifth and were in good spirits as always."

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Edmo's season has consisted of a lot of "working" for his teammates, in particularly Caleb Ewan where he has spent a lot of time being one of the last men for the young Orica Scott sprinter.  But Edmo is a racer and always finds an opportunity or makes something out of nothing, putting himself in a position to win.   Thus, he ran top 5s at Tour De Romandie, Hammer Series and Vuelta Catalunya and finished Flanders and Roubaix as a first year - a pretty busy season for the 23-year-old.   "I just really enjoy racing my bike at the end of the day, it has been awesome fun with the team this year and I've been lucky enough to have some personal opportunities along the way.  Roubaix and Flanders were highlights though and I'd love to race them again".

I just really enjoy racing my bike at the end of the day

"I'm now looking forward to putting the feet up and heading back to Australia for the summer ahead! I can't wait to get back to see my family and hang out with my nephews. You never know, I might even get a chance to drop by the Stanley Street Social for a beer or two as well".  Edmo is one of the most down to earth guys you will meet and you can ensure that this won't change as deep down he is still the same old energetic boy that has managed to balance an enormous amount of physical stress and mental pressure from such a young age.  

See you back at the social club,