Towards Zero Race Melbourne

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The Towards Zero Race Melbourne, for me, is an cycling race that has unknown potential.  It's a format that we don't see very often, if at all and it possesses traits that resemble the fast form of other sport.  

The race director Scott Sunderland pioneered the event as a complement to the Cadel Evens Great Ocean Road Race.  After the inaugural edition of Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race a gap in the racing was identified between the Tour Down Under and the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race.  After discussions with the teams/riders, the event decided to add the Towards Zero Race Melbourne - creating a superb block of racing for riders and Australian cycling fans. "The teams were after racing to utilise their time in Australia and what better way than a race within the city of Melbourne." Sunderland describes, after passionately outlining the specificity of the race's timing and structure to meet athlete desires.

"The circuit was designed for a fast and unique race - the national park, the Melbourne skyline, the lake, the F1 circuit, the pit lane, the food, drink and festive atmosphere all come together to create this fantastic event".

I find the race's potential scope an exciting prospect.  Normally, a cycling is consumed by "cycling fans” but this event is a little different. It's in close proximity to a major city (most races are not) and it doesn't have the long/somewhat boring section of a 200km road stage - two points that Caleb Ewan raised in his podcast "The Art of Sprinting".  Thus, it has appeal that can flow outside the cycling circles and has a high resemblance to the short form of cricket, the big bash.  There's no drawn out phases, dull moments, you can watch the race after work, it doesn't consume your entire weekend, its fast, really fast, continually entertaining, you get to see lots of racing and a buzzing atmosphere complements the race.

Scott's picks for tomorrow, "its a day for the sprinters"

For the Females, Chloe Hoskins, Nettie Edmondson are carrying some hot form over the Australian summer but don't rule out the Euros, they know how to race a bike!

For the Men, Ewan, Viviani and Bennett to be fighting for the win with Phil Bauhaus as a dark horse. 

Make sure you head down the Albert Park tomorrow for the Ride4All, Elite Women’s and Elite Men’s races.

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Ride4All- 1pm - 2pm. Come on down bring the kids and ride the closed circuit for an hour before the pros. 

Elite Women’s Race -Start 2:30 PM- 12 laps x 5.3km circuit. Total 63.6km

Elite Men’s Race- Start 5:00 PM- 22 laps x 5.3km circuit. Total 116.6km



Alex Clements