Jack Haig Interview | Giro d'Italia | All Things Cycling

Photo: Adam Phelan

Photo: Adam Phelan

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Jack Haig is in his third year as a professional at Mitchelton Scott, he has just come off an impressive spring classics campaign and is about to start the Giro d'Italia - we caught up with Jack on Monday. 

We discussed:

  • Spring Classics
  • Dropping Nibali on a decent
  • Racing classics/adapting to classics/training for it
  • Time Trialing
  • Jack's progression 
  • Giro d'Italia - his team and his role

Before getting off topic and discussing:

  • Being a Euro
  • The mental challenges of cycling
  • Team sports vs cycling
  • "cycling is a team sport"
  • Why so many cyclists live in Girona
  • What would he do if he was running a cycling team?
  • Social media/marketing