André La Gerche | What effect does elite sport have on the heart?

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This podcast is all about the cardiovascular system and the effect that sport has on the heart. 

Throughout the podcast we discussed with André:

- How he became amazed by the heart and sport in particular

- His first PhD on arrhythmia in elite athletes

- His role at the Baker Institute

- Why people have heart attacks?

- Does sport cause heart attacks?

- The effect of Mitch Andersons 24 hour record on his heart

- What would a pro athlete’s heart look like after a 3-week stage race?

- Working with former professional cyclist Will Walker

- What can athletes do?

- How you can measure heart recovery?

- Does the cardiovascular system affect the chances of an athlete becoming a professional?

- Cardiovascular disease in Australia

- What do we know about sudden deaths?

We hope you enjoy the podcast.