The Take Out | Weekly News, February 16

Photo: Twila Federica Muzzi

Photo: Twila Federica Muzzi

Team Sky’s new sponsor?

While the cycling world sits back with all their fingers and toes crossed that the era of Team Sky is coming to an end soon, Dave Brailsford seems to have made headway into finding a new sponsor. With the team in Colombia to race the Tour Colombia 2.1, rumours have started that a company from that corner of the earth will be sponsoring the team next year. Ecopetrol is party-owned by the Colombian Government, and already has a history in sponsoring sports, while Brailsford didn’t really deny anything when he was asked.

The move would make a lot of sense, as Brailsford has kept his eye on talent coming out of Colombia, with Seb Henao, Ivan Sosa and Egan Bernal all on the squad currently. The thing about petrol companies is that they generally have a bit more of the green stuff to throw around than the flooring manufacturers and campervan owners that sponsor the rest of the pro peloton. So maybe they could come back with the same budget next year? 


Remco Evanpoel gets some advice from cycling’s old boy wonder

Remco’s having a good time of it right now. After coming 9th overall and winning the Young Riders Jersey at Vuelta a San Juan, he’s now making mates with Peter Sagan. Sagan isn’t one to pull a Kobe Bryant and take every young superstar under his wing so that he can share in the credit, hence this seems pretty genuine.

While Remco shared previously that two had chatted previously in the peloton, Sagan spoke about the 19-year-old in the media this week "I heard he won both junior world titles, that he won by a massive gap. Now we'll see what he can do as a pro… The most important thing is that he enjoys himself because if the racing and everything around it becomes simply a job and a way to earn some money, he's going to suffer like hell.”

Its too early to start predicting all the things Evenepoel will do in his cycling career; all we can really be sure about at the moment is that he’s pretty good for 19-year-old. But wowee it’s fun to start imagining what he might do.


Paris Roubaix 2019 Course Revealed

The course for 2019’s edition of Paris Roubaix has just been released and there are two huge changes on the cards. Firstly, the Trouee d’Arenberg section will be 100m shorter this year. However, that change is only taking place in the guidebooks, not actually on the road. It turns out that Roubaix’s most famous section has actually been 2,300m long this whole time, not 2,400m. You wonder how that happens; were rulers shorter back in the day? Did they overcalculate inflation? Why has nobody remeasured it until now? Anyway, it’s all good now. 

Secondly, the section where Michael Goolaerts passed away last year mid-race has been reincorporated into the route. Previously named Secteur Pavé Chemin de Saint-Quentin, it’s also been renamed to Secteur Michael Goolaerts, and a monument to him has been erected there to him.

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Joshua Duggan