The Take Out | Weekly News, February 8

Photo: Twila Federica Muzzi

Photo: Twila Federica Muzzi

Iljo Keisse

Ethics isn’t a strong point in cycling; there’s a lot of people in the sport that haven’t even made the moral decision not to dope. Hence, nobody is really surprised that there’s a group of people who have a view on women that are from the 1950s as well. What is surprising is that they won’t just shut up and stop making a bad sitch worse.

If you’re not caught up on the situation, Iljo Keisse of Deceuninck-QuickStep was accused of rubbing his genitals on a waitress while he took a photo with her before the start of the Vuelta a San Juan last week. It was dumb. Keisse realized that, and apologized, while the race organisers threw him out. That should have been the end of it.

But no, Patrick Lefevre wanted to keep talking, and Keisse’s dad wanted to keep talking. What followed, were memorable quotes such as “She will want money, right?” and the waitress was “suggestive with her ass”. Deceuninck, who jumped on board as a sponsor late last year to save the team, were pissed (predictably), as were Specialized.

It’s honestly astounding that Lefevre, who’s apparently cycling’s greatest tactical mind, didn’t have the nous to see the easiest path out of this one - just shut up and stop making it worse for yourself...


Geraint Thomas is riding the Tour

There’s a lot of great things about being the TDF Champion; you get a big trophy, you probably don’t have to buy your own croissants at French cafés anymore, you usually get knighted, and you get to wear the Yellow Jersey on your local bunchie without being told you’re a flog. You also get to tell your boss where he can stick his plans for you to ride the Giro this year, which is what Geraint Thomas has done.

Finally realising that both Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas are going to ride the TDF, Dave Brailsford has announced that Team Sky will have two leaders there, accepting that this July is going to be a bit of a pickle for him. You thought last year was fun when they awkwardly kept publicly proclaiming there were two leaders, despite Thomas leading Froome by a minute and a half? Well, hold your hats, because we’ve got more of the same coming, and this time, Thomas won’t accept those slights. I’m getting 2009 Lance/Contador flashbacks already

Most people would say Froome is the better chance, but Thomas will have the #1 pinned on, and probably a bit more favour from the neutrals. With the number of GC contenders going to the Giro, there’s every chance they’ll just be racing each other anyway.


Floyd Landis’ team released their new 2019 kit

Man, the Floyd Landis timeline has been exhilarating. From a nobody to winning the TDF, to being covered in shame, to backstabbing Armstrong, to opening his own Cannabis store, cycling team manager. Next time you’re bored, put the kettle on and read his Wikipedia page.  

Anyway, his US Continental team, Floyd’s Pro Cycling, released its new kit this week, and it's pretty nice. Have a look here Presumably, it’s got extra-large pockets so you can store more food (in case of mid-ride munchies), and an extra comfortable chamois, in case you need to sit on the couch all day.

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Joshua Duggan