Zwift & Dimension Data 


Nick White is a talented Under 23 athlete who has recently been offered an innovative opportunity by Dimension Data and Zwift.  The two companies combined to create a Zwift competition, where it was decided that the winner would receive a spot on the Under 23 Dimension Data team.  


The idea is fantastic - it's the Australian idol for cycling and on a world scale. All parties have something to benefit: the athlete: has an opportunity to train and be selected on Dimension Data U23 team. The team gains a highly talented rider that may have never been discovered and Zwift continues to prove its value through innovative marketing campaigns - full credit to both Zwift and Dimension Data.  Normally, to gain a spot on a World Tour development team you have to be from the country of origin or have a hot shot palmaris to crack into such a lucrative under 23 program.


The registered riders were given a 6-week Zwift program.  The training ranged from FTP tests to specific efforts and included two Zwift races.  From the data collected, 10 riders were selected for the semi-final, where a two-week training campaign began. This program involved both road riding and Zwift training to complete each athlete's power profile.   From the 10, three were selected: Nick White, Ollie Jones and Sam Mobberly and provided the opportunity to attend the Dimension Data training camp. 



Nick commented that upon arrival, he couldn’t believe "how awesome the team environment was; it was just like hanging out with a big group of mates". 


Unfortunately, Nick didn't win the final spot but came out of the camp a more experienced and motivated rider. "Experiencing a World Tour team really enforced that I want to make it to the top level. "


At only 20 years of age, Nick is a mature head on young shoulders.  "Although I'm disappointed I didn't gain the spot, the overall experience was definitely beneficial for my career.  The team management was fantastic and from the connections and motivation I gained I hope I can pursue a spot on the team next year.  Hats off to Ollie for gaining the position, he is a super guy and a talented bike rider.  I'm highly appreciative of Zwift and Dimension Data for providing the opportunity as none of us would have been there without the program. "

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The riders also experienced the Qhubeka aspect of the team that provides bikes for school children.  "Each child at the school was provided a bike and the young student I gave a bike to was over the moon. Normally, she would walk two hours to school but this bike provided her with a much more suitable mode of transport. It was truly moving."


Nick will be racing with Oliver's Real Food Racing next year and based on the horse power he was churning out over the 8 week training block, it should be a ripper!


See you back at the social club,